The perfect bills inclusive package

You’ve probably heard student tenants talking about bills inclusive services before, it probably won’t come as a shock that the majority of students prefer utility bills included in their rent. But what makes the perfect bills inclusive package to a student?


Fast Broadband 

Whether your tenant is streaming the latest Netflix series, downloading lecture notes or uploading course work- broadband is a necessity to almost every student, and it can often make or break a bills inclusive offering depending on what provider is used.
With our bill inclusive service, we include super-fast broadband as standard from top providers Virgin Media or Sky depending on your area. We also offer the speeds your tenants need based on the number living in a property.


Green Energy

The call for a greener planet has been heard by everyone and now more than ever students understand we all need to help.
We agree, which is why our main energy supplier across our utility packages is Octopus Energy, with 100% green energy as standard. Not only is this Octopus Energy better for the planet, but it’s also better in general; Voted ‘Best in Britain’ at the 2019 Which? Awards and becoming the only Which? ‘Recommended Provider’ for energy in two years running!


Easy to use

Properties with bills inclusive are a lot less hassle for student tenants. Setting up utility bills for the first time can be a little daunting which is why we set up, manage and close down all of the utilities on your tenant’s behalf – meaning less hassle for them and less admin for you, as a landlord.
Also, we collect utility bill payment in one simple fixed monthly payment, for all of the household utilties. Making it easier for student tenants to budget, as they will know exactly when the payment is due and how much it will cost.


Ubundle offers peace of mind, security and visibility for you and your tenants – If you’re a landlord simply create a portal via our online portal and submit your property details to receive a quote today – best of all the ubundle service is free to all landlords!