Simplify utilities for you and your tenants.


your online portal 

Here you will have full access and visibility to your properties, tenants and their services:

  • Add properties, tenants and utility bundles to create a package
  • Submit meter readings for water, gas and electricity
  • View billing and statements
  • Raise a support ticket with the account management team
  • Track broadband deliveries

How does it work?

ubundle is a free utility management service for landlords, simply;

  • Submit tenancy information via your portal
  • Select a bundle of services
  • We set up and manage the services on your behalf
  • Receive a monthly statement for your portfolio
  • No hassle billing for you and your tenants

No management fee

We do not charge management fees to landlords or tenants.

Dedicated support team

Our specialist support team are on hand to help with any queries you might have throughout the week to make sure you and your tenants have the best experience.

No liability for energy over usage

Our energy allowances are uncapped usually meaning your property is left in better condition with less mould or damp.

One bill every month

Receive one bill each month with a per property breakdown of services payable by direct debit on 15th of every month.

HMOs welcome

Our bundles are suitable for houses of multiple occupancy, simply follow the steps when adding an HMO property in your portal.

GDPR compliant

We provide GDPR compliant clauses to include in your Assured Short-term tenancy agreements.

our bundle services

Unlimited Energy

We offer unlimited gas and electricity to all tenants so there’s no need to worry about ending in debt for energy over-usage after the package end date. We partner with award-winning providers Octopus Energy, and SSE.

Broadband and Media packages

We have partnered with Virgin Media and Sky to provide your properties with great broadband connections and TV packages to suit household requirements. Our broadband is tiered based on bed size ensuring the best connection speeds for your tenants. 


We’ll keep it flowing. The water bill covers sewerage costs, groundwater drainage and general water usage in the property, this will be charged at the rate of the local water supplier.

TV Licence

All households require a TV licence to watch or record live programmes, download or watch BBC iPlayer. Unlike the name suggests a TV licence
is required regardless of the device being used. With ubundle, we give the option for tenants to pay in monthly instalments and split the cost between housemates equally.

Frequently asked questions

What is unlimited energy?

Unlimited energy means there are no usage caps for the energy in your property. Unlimited energy includes an energy protection charge of 17.5% (inc VAT @ 20%) acting as an insurance that you nor your tenants will have anything further to pay come the end of the tenancy.

My rent includes water already?

Not to worry, our team can create a custom bundle quote for you which excludes water if needed. Just get in touch with our team via your portal for your custom quote.

I have ASTs that are less than 12 months, can I offer bills inclusive?

Yes, we have monthly rolling utility bundles as well as 12 month fixed term. Simply select the relevant option when you add the property to your portal and we will take it from there.