Bills inclusive for landlords

As a landlord, there are many factors to take into account when renting out a property. One which is gaining popularity in recent years is offering bills inclusive of rent and if your rental market is student tenants you will see this is a very desirable addition to help you stay ahead of the curve in a competitive rental market.


What is bills inclusive?

Bills inclusive combines the cost of rent and utility bills into one simple payment. Most bills inclusive properties provide gas, electricity, internet and water with the opportunity of adding a TV licence too.

Why bills inclusive?

Bills inclusive appeals to many in the student rental market, landlords and tenants alike, because of its sheer convenience. Tenants know that their utility bills are all set up and it can help them budget better as everything continually comes out at a fixed cost within the rent with no need to pay multiple bills. For landlords, it takes away the stresses of chasing tenants, energy providers and broadband router deliveries – saving landlords a lot of time. With the ubundle landlord service all; package setups, ongoing utility management and close-downs are taken care of. 

What about energy over-usage?

One thing that can cause landlords to shy away from a bill inclusive service is energy over-usage. We understand this can be a real concern with other bills inclusive services, which is why ubundle offers unlimited energy on all packages as standard with no tenant or landlord liability for energy over-usage. Ensuring your property is kept warm over the winter months, decreasing the chance of mould or mildew developing and keeping your tenants happy.

Let’s face it when it comes to utility bills you and your tenants want convenience, saving yourself from chasing for payments or spending hours on the phone with various utility providers. ubundle offers landlords peace of mind, security and visibility.

Simply register via our online portal and submit your property details to receive a quote today – best of all the ubundle service is free to all landlords!