Advertising Bills Inclusive 

Why should you advertise with bills inclusive?

The student rental market is competitive and landlords are constantly on the lookout for new ways to make their property stand out. Bills inclusive can be one of the best ways of doing that. To a lot of students; bills inclusive properties offer peace of mind and the convenience. Many will be facing the prospect of setting up utilities for the first time, which can be a frustrating experience for both students and their landlord. With bills inclusive, the whole process is taken care of; package setups, ongoing utility management and close-downs. Going bills inclusive gives tenants a more precise and easy-to-manage way of budgeting – if the same amount comes out as one simple reoccurring payment student tenants know exactly how much they have left to spend.

What can be included with bills inclusive? 

Most bills inclusive properties provide gas, electricity, broadband and water with the opportunity of adding a TV licence too but provider packages offer slightly different things depending on who you choose to go with. When advertising your bills inclusive property, we do recommend stating exactly which utilities are provided to make it easy for prospective tenants to understand.

How to advertise your bills inclusive property 

It’s easy to see why bills inclusive properties are popular, but how do you make the most of advertising these properties to keep them occupied year on year?

There are usually two routes a landlord can take when advertising a property:

  • Advertising the property and the selection of tenants yourself; or
  • instruct a letting agent to take control, advertising the property and sourcing tenants on your behalf. 

Online is the way to go!

If you are the former, then online advertising is the way to go! There are many sites out there to advertise your bills inclusive property, we suggest going for a property site that also allows you to advertise on their app as this is now one of the most effective ways to view properties. Sites like Rightmove and Zoopla are a great way of making sure your property gets the max amount of viewings. As a student landlord, you should also consider advertising your property on Facebook. The Facebook ‘Marketplace’ site has grown from strength to strength in recent years, making it a serious platform to advertise your bills inclusive property at no extra cost.


Great content = Great tenants!

Now you’ve found the right platform to advertise your properties on, you’ve got to consider your ad content. Great ad content will attract a lot of interest from the right prospective tenants. Take time and care when taking photographs of your property, consider what times of the day showcase your property in the best light and please make sure the place is tidy before taking the photo! 

When creating the wording for your property advert you should never mislead anyone, it’s always best, to be honest, and informative. As we’ve already highlighted – a bills inclusive property is a very appealing offer to a student so make sure this is very clearly presented in the ad copy and click any category option that says ‘bills inclusive’ when uploading your property to a site, as this will ensure your bills inclusive property will appear in the correct searches. State what your property’s bills inclusive service includes so prospective tenants are clear on what utility bills they get with the property and make sure the service includes broadband as this can be a deal-breaker for many students! 

Our ubundle service comes with the option of unlimited energy, water, TV and super-fast broadband and media – making it a very student-friendly and beneficial package to include in your rental offering.

Simply register via our online portal and submit your property details to receive a quote today – best of all the ubundle service is free to all landlords!