Bills inclusive

No hidden costs. Guaranteed pricing and commission.

We support you

With ubundle you get all the support you need and more when introducing bills inclusive to your properties.

Dedicated account management

Your account manager will provide ongoing and dedicated support throughout your Bills Inclusive journey, available all day Monday to Friday 9am – 5pm.

Marketing & sales support

We know utilities and we want you to get the most out of your Bills Inclusive offering. We provide ongoing sales support for your staff and create bespoke multi-channel marketing in line with your brand guidelines.

Tenant support team

Sometimes tenants have questions and queries, we have a dedicated Customer Support team rated ‘Excellent’ on Trustpilot who will answer all of these so you don’t have to, the choice is yours.

Guaranteed fixed pricing and commission

We provide fixed pricing for each bundle offering, dependent on the property size and selected services, so you can forecast your annual commission per sale. Also, have peace of mind there will be no additional charges.

No energy over usage liability

We have no energy caps in place meaning our Bills Inclusive partners and their tenants have no liability for any energy usage, so you can forecast your return for each Bills Inclusive bundle sale.

Full GDPR compliance

We ensure our business operates in line with current regulations and is fully GDPR compliant. We supply all our partnered agents with GDPR compliant clauses to include in AST’s.

multi-payment options

Every agency is different which is why we offer our agents flexibility on how they wish to work with us.

With ubundle you’re in control of your earnings! 

Agent collect

Including bills in the property rental price and the agency will receive an invoice for our bills management service.

ubundle collect

We charge your tenants directly for the agreed utility bundle. Either we can charge the lead tenant or collect from each housemate individually.

our bundle services

Managing a portfolio which has numerous sites and connections can become complicated. ubundle’s utility management service simplifies energy switch overs and ensures new broadband connections are installed quickly and smoothly.

Unlimited energy

We offer unlimited gas and electricity to all tenants so there’s no need to worry about ending in debt for energy over-usage after the package end date. We partner with award-winning providers Octopus Energy, and SSE.

Broadband and Media packages

We have partnered with Virgin Media and Sky to provide your properties with great broadband connections and TV packages to suit household requirements. Our broadband is tiered based on bed size ensuring the best connection speeds for your tenants. 


We’ll keep it flowing. The water bill covers sewerage costs, groundwater drainage and general water usage in the property, this will be charged at the rate of the local water supplier.

TV Licence

All households require a TV licence to watch or record live programmes, download or watch BBC iPlayer. Unlike the name suggests a TV licence
is required regardless of the device being used. With ubundle, we give the option for tenants to pay in monthly instalments and split the cost between housemates equally.

Frequently asked questions

Is there a contract for your bills inclusive services?

We offer two contract options either a 1 or 3-year contract, we will discuss both options with you.

Do you require meter readings?

Yes, to ensure that we are being billed correctly by the suppliers. Most important, as you’ll know, is ensuring we receive opening and closing meter readings. We do request meter readings every 3 months, whether these are from you or your tenants directly. 

Can I offer Bills Inclusive if the property has a shared meter?

ubundle will be able to take over a shared meter as long as all flats being supplied by that meter have a packages with us.

What happens at the end of a tenancy?

When a tenancy comes to an end, we request final meter readings and close down all services for the tenancy end date. As we offer fixed pricing with no usage caps, there is no need to wait for final bills from suppliers for you to release tenant deposits.